Top 4 Easy Hairstyles to Wear to Work

We all know what it’s like to wake up, look at the clock and realize you didn’t hear your alarm. Those mornings where you just can’t find anything to wear in your closet, you spill your coffee all over yourself or your hair just, despite all efforts, will not cooperate. If you find yourself having another one of “those mornings” forget spending time on your hair, below are 4 great hairstyles that will not only look great but will get you out the door in time to make it work! If you don’t have time to wash and dry your hair, spray on some dry shampoo, style any one of the 4 ways below and your coworkers will never guess you had a terrible horrible no good morning1.

1. Top Knot/Bun:

This is definitely my go-to hairstyle. You can put your hair in a high ponytail and either (a) twist, wrap your hair around and pin for a top knot, or (b) use a rolled up sock or your favorite tool to make buns and roll it up and pin where necessary. To give yourself a little volume tease the front of your hair before you put it into a ponytail then use your hands to puff up your hair to your desired volume.

2. Braid:

A quick way to look stylish if you have long hair is to comb your hair back and wear a braid that drapes down your side over your shoulder. You can create a regular braid or a fishtail braid. Pull the finished braid apart a little to create a looser look. Add a little volume by teasing your hair, if necessary. Add hairspray and you will be ready to go in no time!

3. Teased Low Ponytail:

This is a quick easy way to get out of the door and headed to work as quickly as possible. Just comb your hair then tease one-inch sections starting at the back near your crown working toward the sides. Put your hair in a low ponytail then use your hands to puff up the teased sections to create your desired bumped look. Add a thin headband for an optional finishing touch and you’re ready to go!

4. Side Ponytail:

This is very similar to the teased low ponytail, however, it just adds a different element if you have long hair that can be pulled to the side. Start by teasing just like you did in the teased low ponytail. Pull your hair around to one side and tie in a ponytail below your ear. This avoids the 80’s style side ponytail look! Use your hands again to puff up the teased sections to create the desired volume. You can also fold your hair underneath and secure with bobby pins to create a side bun!

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