The Ultimate Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

Hair damage is common in today’s times, with the amount of pollution and chemicals that our hair comes in contact with on what is pretty much a daily basis. It causes you to lose out on the silky smooth hair that you might have always wanted, and instead be stuck with damaged and dry hair that is neither good to the touch nor eyes.

  • The treatment of damaged hair can be quite confusing, with several different shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, and more, all vying for the title of best way to treat your hair and get back the style that you have always dreamt about possessing.
  • Instead of opting for these though, you can now go for simple remedies that can be created with everyday ingredients, and used in your own home in order to better your head as well as preserve the money in your pocket.
  • It goes without saying that hair treatment can be expensive, but if you have the opportunity to save some money with the help of home remedies, then the leap of faith ought to be worth it.
  • Most of the given methods are tried and tested, which means that you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible treatment for lustrous hair.

1) Coconut Oil:

  • Whilst coconut oil might seem like a very common thing that a lot of people use, you are probably more familiar with using the hair oil than the cooking one.
  • Indeed, the cooking oil is a far better product, and you should slather it into your hair and leave it for about an hour, preferably with your hair wrapped in a towel or shower cap. Use a shampoo to rinse it out after that, and the shine and increase in body volume becomes apparent immediately.

2) Lemon Juice:

A popular choice when it comes to hair vitality, a combination of freshly squeezed lemons and warm water can be a great precursor to using a shampoo to wash your hair. Not only for dry hair, but lemon juice is also an equally popular choice for detangling hair, which is quite a common symptom in people who have less than perfect hair and find themselves the victims of unnecessary clumping.

3) Coconut Milk:

Another way of utilizing the coconut fruit to aid you in getting your hair back to a good condition, the procedure to use coconut milk is slightly different. You have to freeze it until it becomes thick, and only after that can you use it in your hair. Let it rest for about ten minutes and then rinse it out. Not only does it give your hair a newer shine, but also leaves it smelling great.

4) Shampoo less often:

While this isn’t a great home remedy as the name might suggest, it is something that you can accomplish quite easily in order to protect your hair. When it comes right down to it, most people discover that the main cause of their hair damage is their own actions.

Shampooing your hair too many times a week causes it to lose essential nutrients, makes it dry, and lose volume. Try to reduce the frequency of how many times you use it on your hair, and make sure to utilize natural ingredients beforehand in order to strengthen it, as suggested previously.

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