The Ultimate Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

5) Yogurt:

Yogurt might be a delicious thing to consume on a frequent basis, but its great uses and working applications are not just limited to taste. You can use it as a great way to revitalize your hair, by lathering it on and leaving it there for anything between fifteen to thirty minutes. Wash it off afterwards in order to help the damaged hair get repaired and become stronger.

6) Bananas:

Mashed bananas are easy to get your hands on, and applying it on your hair allows it to gain a lot of essential minerals that can increase the volume and silkiness of your hair. For best results, you can try teaming it up with avocado, another fruit rich in minerals that better the hair.

7) Beer:

  • The quality of beer and its effect on hair damage recovery has been researched extensively recently, and a number of hair products with beer amongst its ingredients has hit the market.
  • Using a mixture of beer and beaten eggs to massage your hair can be a surefire way to make it puff up and gain volume, though you have to make sure to only wash it out after it has completely dried. Damaged as well as hair with split ends can benefit from this, and you can get it done quite cheaply in your own house.

8) Vinegar:

  • Another ingredient that is sure to be in your kitchen, a mixture of vinegar and olive oil can easily be lathered on one’s hair, after which it has to be left on for at least half an hour.
  • This allows the hair to absorb up the oil, which is a great way to repair hair damage. Wash it off after that with water, and you can begin to see the difference soon after starting this treatment.

9) Eggs:

  • Eggs have been one of the go-to ingredients for hair treatment since time immemorial, to the point where many shampoos have started to utilize it as well as one of their ingredients.
  • However, even now, nothing compares with the original thing, and a mixture of eggs and water is simple to make, apply to one’s hair and then wash off.

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